WDCL 2019/2020 Division 2 and Division 4

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September 2019

Monday 9th

Division 2 – Rushall A (H) vs Wolverhampton B

Rushall A 5-1 Wolverhampton B
Devan Patel 1-0 Peter J Pearson Jones
Alex Pready 0.5-0.5 John Lee
Peter Leary 0.5-0.5 Geoffrey C Rosser
Calvin Styles 1-0 Chris M Cox
Alexander Jarvis 1-0 Gordon G Sands
Ray Hancox 1-0 DEFAULT

Thursday 12th

Division 4 – Lichfield C (H) vs Rushall B

Lichfield C 0-4 Rushall B
John Fryer 0-1 John Grant
Fred Biles 0-1 Roger Bray
John Moughtin-Leay 0-1 Stefan Winman
Brian Jones 0-1 Graham Woodward

Wednesday 25th

Division 2 – Bushbury A (H) vs Rushall A

Bushbury A 5.5-0.5 Rushall A
Lee A Grinsell 1-0 Alex Pready
David M Cooper 1-0 Stephen Wilcox
John Staniforth 0.5-0.5 Peter Leary
Derek Laight 1-0 Calvin Styles
Richard CT Parry 1-0 Shane Cooksey
David Molineux 1-0 Roger Bray

October 2019

Wednesday 2nd

Division 4 – Bushbury B (H) vs Rushall B

Bushbury B 2.5-1.5 Rushall B
Andrew Lissamore 0.5-0.5 David Jarvis
Simon A Jones 1-0 Stefan Winman
Jeremy Whitehead 1-0 Graham Woodward
David I Buckley 0-1 Peter Turner

Wednesday 9th

Division 4 – Stourbridge C (H) vs Rushall B

Stourbridge C 1.5-2.5 Rushall B
Richard Wilkinson 1-0 Roger Bray
Jeremy Humphries 0.5-0.5 Stefan Winman
James Treasure 0-1 Graham Woodward
Ethan Chan Smith 0-1 Peter Turner

Monday 14th

Division 2 – Rushall A (H) vs Kidderminster B

 Rushall A 3-3 Kidderminster B
Devan Patel 1-0 David Close
Alex Pready 0.5-0.5 John Farilone
Stephen Wilcox 0-1 David Waud
Peter Leary 0.5-0.5 Alex Preece
Calvin Styles 0.5-0.5 John Whitehead
Shane Cooksey 0.5-0.5 Michael Kitchen

November 2019

Monday 18th

Division 4 – Rushall B (H) vs Halesowen

Rushall B 3-1 Halesowen C
Roger Threlfall 0.5-0.5 Tony Taylor
John Grant 1-0 David Etheridge
Joseph Wilcox 0.5-0.5 Martyn Hathaway
Shane Cooksey 1-0 Joyce Evans

Thursday 21st

Division 2 – Lichfield B (H) vs Rushall A

Lichfield B 2.5-3.5 Rushall A
Benjamin Nevett-Farman 0.5-0.5 Alex Pready
Graham H Lamb 0-1 Peter Leary
Michael W Hoare 0.5-0.5 Stephen Wilcox
Brian Homewood 1-0 Calvin Styles
Kevin J Gallagher 0.5-0.5 Roger Bray
David W Fone 0-1 Stefan Winman