Monday 4th November – BDCL Div 3 vs Solihull

Devan Patel0.5-0.5Julian Summerfield
Alex Pready0.5-0.5Ben Larkin
Peter Leary1-0Nigel Bryne
Stephen Wilcox1-0Praveen Joy
Calvin Styles0.5-0.5Paul Silverman
Shriya Pillay0.5-0.5Penny Wood

Our fortress reigns on. It is clear to see how hard we had to work to win with the number of draws. We faced an underrated Solihull side but held our ground valiantly. Special mention to Shriya on her debut, playing a large part in a crucial victory in this top of the table clash. We have an ever-improving team, and with 5 out of 5, clear 4 points, we look to achieve promotion.

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