Monday 7th October – BDCL Div 3 vs Westminster

Rushall 5.5-0.5 Westminster
Devan Patel 1-0 Mohammed NA Chowdhury
Alex Pready 1-0 Bodrul Chowdhury
Stephen Wilcox 0.5-0.5 Gavin Maciel
Peter Leary 1-0 Phil Maddocks
Calvin Styles 1-0 Peter Lawrence
Ray Hancox 1-0 DEFAULT

A very positive result. We had a well-needed boost in confidence. We are now on 3 from 3 in the league and lead. Although being about equally matched, we played in a dominating and confident manner. Who knows, maybe a promotion to Div 2 might be on the cards? Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Well done again to everyone involved.


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