Monday 2nd September – BDCL Div 3 vs Redditch

Rushall 5-1 Redditch
Devan Patel 1-0 Scott Russell
Alex Pready 1-0 David Smith
Stephen Wilcox 1-0 Rob Bricknell
Peter Leary 1-0 Giles Stanton
Calvin Styles 1-0 Jamie Steward
Alexander Jarvis 0-1 Anthony Rimmington

We had a good start to the new season with a comfortable 5-1 victory at home to Redditch. Boards 1 and 2 were evenly matched, however we heavily out-graded our opponents on Boards 3 to 6; so hopefully a sign of good things to come this season. Well done to everyone on a solid performance as we look forward to our next match.

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