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Bushbury 1.5 – 4.5 Rushall

On Wednesday the 20th of September, Rushall travelled to Bushbury for a Birmingham Division 6 match.

The result was 4.5 to 1.5 in favour of Rushall.

Board 1:  Steve Wilcox of Rushall had a massive advantage grade of 29. 148 vs 119. He managed to attack his opponent and his opponent was unable to find the satisfactory moves.

Board 2:   Rich Wiltshir of Rushall got a pawn and soon the game. He converted well and it was very smooth.

Board 3:   John Grant unfortunately attacked his opponent without getting the correct prior development done. Our only loss, but it was the longest game, therefore showing John put up a real fight.

Board 4:     Peter Leary builds for an attack, but doesn’t neglect his pieces, so his attack is not as powerful. Finally, a draw was agreed, and this was a well-played game.

Board 5:     Alexander Jarvis got a pawn up, and thankfully smoothly won the game with elegance.

Board 6:     David Jarvis had an unbalanced game, but it was very interesting. However, David had perfect technique, and won easily.


Overall, a great result for Rushall.


A great start to the season, just like the last: it will be interesting if we make sure that we get the great start, if not beat the one of last time.



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