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Rushall 5.5 – 0.5 Walsall Kipping

On Monday 15th September, Rushall played at home against Walsall Kipping.

The funny thing was that our lowest rated player was higher than their highest rated player. This made us very clear favourites.

This is how the night unfolded.

Devan Patel (146) checkmated Michael Darlow (115) in 15 moves, while John Grant (134) won soon after against Peter Nixon (110), even though there was a touchmove claim, which Peter Nixon did not take advantage of. Peter Leary (133) was next in forcing resignation from Doreen Anderton (107) before one and a quarter hours of play had elapsed. At this point we are 3-0 up, and need any result to win the match.

But still everybody fought on to try and win. It was not till another hour before another result, where Alex Pready’s (147) intelligence brought him a win against Steven Colwell (121).

Rich Wiltshir (144) had an equal position against David Friend (114), but David Friend was in time trouble, meaning he was not able to play optimally. He resigned with 20 seconds remaining on his clock.

All was tense on top board, and after a long time, they agreed to a draw. A good fight was put up by Mike Groombridge (127) with the white pieces, to force a draw against one of the, if not the best players Rushall has to offer, Steve Wilcox (148).

A convincing performance by Rushall – well done!

The full match results are below:

Rushall A  Ø 142 Walsall Kipping B  Ø 116
 1. Wilcox, Stephen R (Sec) 148 ½-½ Groombridge, Mike J (Capt/Sec) 127
 2. Pready, Alex D 147 1-0 Colwell, Steven R 121
 3. Patel, Devan 146J 1-0 Darlow, Michael J 115
 4. Wiltshir, Rich 144 1-0 Friend, David J 114
 5. Grant, John (Capt) 134 1-0 Nixon, Peter 110
 6. Leary, Peter W 133 1-0 Anderton, Doreen 107
Total 5½ – ½


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