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Monday 4th September : Birmingham Division 4 vs Warley Quinborne

This was a hard fought match. It was the first match of the season, and I bet both teams wanted to get off to a winning start. Unfortunately, neither team did, with the match ending 3 – 3. There were four wins and two draws for players with the white pieces!

On board 1, Steve won very convincingly. He made very precise moves, and his opponent just went low on time, and started to give the game away, even though a win was never in doubt due to the long-lasting initiative white kept from the start, after playing a rare move on move 4!

On board 2, it was a very different story. Devan played terribly, blundering a pawn in the opening, and missing an easy chance to be slightly better. However, he tried to pull it back in the endgame. His opponent’s attacking skills, however, worked out perfectly, and Devan lost with one of the worst games of the past 12 months.

On board 3, John played very well, and grabbed a pawn for nothing in the opening, and he piled on the pressure, attacking black’s king. However, he somehow lost a knight, having two pawns for it. It was due to his great effort that he was able to draw queen vs queen and knight where most of the pawns where on the board, however, two extra for the lone queen!

On board 4, Peter drew. More news to follow on this game.

On board 5, Alex’s opponent turned up almost half an hour late, and therefore did not have the necessary time to figure out the best move at all times. Alexander took advantage of this very nicely, and went up an exchange, and converted very quickly. A great performance!

On board 6, Shane lost. More news to follow on this game.


The full results are as follows:

Stephen Wilcox (148)                     1 – 0                     Philip Maybury (132)

Devan Patel (146)                            0 – 1                     Thomas Lee Fellows (155 – July 1999)

John Grant (134)                           0.5 – 0.5                  Ray Hall (126)

Peter Leary (133)                          0.5 – 0.5                  Adrian Hussain (121)

Alexander Jarvis (124)                   1 – 0                      Wendell Rawlings (119)

Shane Cooksey (118)                      0 – 1                       Martin Draper (100)





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