How to Find Us

We meet at Rushall Olympic Football Club, Dales Lane, Off Daw End Lane, Rushall, WS4 1LJ. It is easy to miss the turning if you are not careful!

By Car: If you use WS4 1LJ and type it into your SatNav, you may be in one of the places in the following image: map of ws4 1lj.PNGIf you can see on the left of the image, there is a turning and that is the one you must take. When driving, take care and make sure you are slow enough to be able to look around you as well as driving. There is a sign that will be on your left if you are traveling in the direction that the map is going in:ws4 1lj.PNG Now remember to take the left here!

You will be greeted with this: (make sure to go through the gates which are on the right of this sign. DalesLane

There is always lots of parking available, so you do not have to worry about that, even at the busiest of times!

By Other Means of Transport: You will be able to walk in through the gates, but bicycles may struggle due to the surface being uneven. Still, you could carry your bike, (it is not that far through the gates to the entrance.)

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